KN PharmaChain - 

For when it matters the most.

You need a strong partner that you can rely on to manage your logistic complexity on a global level. You need to deliver your pharmaceutical and healthcare products to locations all over the world on a tight schedule. 

And you need your products to arrive in perfect condition and fully compliant to global and local regulations. You can trust us to be that partner.

KN PharmaChain - Simplify complexity

We simplify the complexity

We handle every part of the logistics chain as one single company, regardless of the mode of transportation,
storage or compliance level needed. In your daily operations, this translates into dedicated account managers 
who have full oversight of your entire logistic chain, from supplier to end customer. They stand by your side to plan efficient end-to-end solutions that deliver at the highest level of precision and reliability.

For you, this means that we consolidate and optimize your logistics operations and simplify the complexity, so
that you can focus on what matters the most to you and to your end customers.

KN PharmaCHain - We understand your specific requirements

We understand your specific requiremements

As you bring your portfolio of products to customers and patients across the world, you face a number of varying compliance requirements and delivery-relevant needs. By relying on our advanced Lane Risk Assessment data and our deep industry expertise, we guide you into finding the most efficient and suitable logistic setup for each shipment.

For you that means that we customize solutions that successfully complete each individual shipment, always placing the integrity of the product first.

KN PharmaChain - Right level of compliance

We deliver the right level of compliance

With KN PharmaChain we can answer to both standard and advanced compliance requirements, such as Ambo 2009 §30. Our global network operates at every compliance level with currently 194 GxP certified operations all over the world.

Meanwhile, our team of highly trained experts can stand by 24/7/365 to monitor and support your shipments through digital applications and thorough supervision.

For you this means that you can be confident that your products will arrive at their destination with the required compliance level, proven by the right documentation.

KN PharmaChain - We operate globally


We operate with precision, globally.

Our KN PharmaChain network is fully operated by us and continuously audited and expanded. Our global
standardized processes
are relentlessly tried, tested and developed. And our experts keep building their
expertise to ensure and advance KN PharmaChain.

For you, this means that you can trust us to take the responsibility for the full logistical needs of all the
products in your portfolio.

One KN PharmaChain - five integrated solutions

  • KN PharmaChain on the road - Road Logistics
  • KN PharmaChain by air - Air Logistics
  • KN PharmaChain by sea - Sea Logistics
  • KN PharmaChain warehousing solutions - Contract Logistics
  • KN PharmaChain orchestration solutions - Integrated Logistics